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Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock
Keri Hilson performing Pretty Girl Rock 2010 and she is pretty with that blonde short hair!...
Category:- Album Song Video
Girls Tips for long hairs
How to Grow Long Hair Fast! - Great for Hair that is Thinning!

Crocodile Tears in Court
American actress Lindsay Lohan is facing three months behind bars after she violated her 3-year-long!...

Miranda Kerr And Her Heavenly Kiss catches up with the beautiful Victorias Secret model Miranda Kerr as she unveils her new perfume

This Aint A Love Song
i like scouting soooo very? much and i like this song....

5 Ways to Grow Your Nails FAST
How to Stop Biting Your Nails.......

Jasmine Villegas - High School Tour Performances
12 year old artist Jasmine V performing on her KDAY & Power 106 High School Tour!....

Maney Bold Lipstick Ideas!
Can? you do a makeup tutorial for your eye look in this video?.....!!

Rihanna - Pour It Up
Rihanna Pour It Up New Song 2014 Remix Video...

How To Build the Perfect Wardrobe
How To Build the Perfect Wardrobe With Seven Fashion Staples.....

Miley Cyrus Style Tutorial
So it is been a while since I have uploaded a style video! I shall link all previous style videos in this description! Hope you like this one!!!!!

Kelli - Gave Up On Love
Official video for Kelli "Gave Up On Love"!!!!!!.....

Hot New Prom Trailer
At PROM, every couple has a story and no two are exactly alike. Several intersecting stories

How to wake up a girl
enjoy ... but please rate and post a comment .. :) thanks...

All at Once-- The Fray
All at Once" -- The Fray....

How to Decorate a Christmas Cake
Easy Christmas cake recipes and designs, From traditional Christmas cakes and low-fat ones to classic fruit cake and gorgeous decorations......

Bruno Mars -Call of Duty SPOOF
Watching my Bruno Mars spoof of Grenade. Hope you enjoyed it!....

USA Red White And Blue
For all those who are not American, you can still rock this look for the Olympics (if you are routing USA) Captain America, Wonder Woman......Uncle Sam? How else can you wear this look?? :D This is a quick video I filmed.!!!....!!

Tutorial: Everyday Makeup Routine
How to create a neutral makeup look for everyday!......

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