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Hold It Against Me Is Finally Out!
Britney Tweeted how happy she was with the video and that she hoped her fans like it too!....
Category:- Music Video
Double Braid Summer Hairstyle
Hairstyles simple rihanna hair style summer n Double Braid Summer Hairstyle!.....

Friends With Benefits: Movie Trailer
Life gets complicated when two friends become romantic!....

How to Get Rid of Love Handles
How to Get Rid of Love Handles is one of the most common questions in weight loss.....

World Record Bikini Parade
A record number of people get lost on way to beach....

Summer Glow Makeup
A glowy and fluttery makeup look for the summer!

How to Make a Scarf Out of a T-Shirt
Did not think you could wear those T-shirts in the winter....well think again....

Airpoirt Fashion Ranking
SNSD Ranking in Airpoirt Fashion.....

Little Girl's Fashion Show for Kids
Brianna has many closets with so many glamorous clothes behind each sliding glass door. She shows you how she we...

What's in My Caboodle
You can pretty much consider this as my current favorites or just what I carried in my travel case =)...

Lady Gaga Live Performing On Road
Lady Gaga Performing Teeth Live on The Today Show....

Sharing Girfriend
Somethings aren`t meant to share. Somethings are. Alexander Keith`s funny ad!.....

Nelly Furtado - Bajo Otra Luz ft. La Mala Rodriguez
Heres latin pop artist Nelly Furtado in the official music video for her song Bajo Otra Luz...

Naturally Lazy Makeup
I forgot I had this video in my hard drive. here are the products I used!....

Touching 1000 Girls Boobs In Public
How To Touch 1000 Pairs of Boobs In Public n Only Get 1 Slap Sorry Comments are DISABLED. Reason!!.....

Ponytail in 7 Easy Steps
Create the Perfect High Volume Ponytail in 7 Easy Steps....

How To Cleanse Your Skin
Makeup artist Lisa Sim shows? how to clean up its act - its skin cleaning regime.....

Emily Osment - Looks Beautiful in Toronto
Emily spent the weekend in Toronto (Canada) and took full advantage of her time there!....

Birthday Makeup Tutorial - Gold Dramatic Makeup
Here is my birthday makeup look, its gold and smoky and dramatic I also paired it with ombre lips which might not be everyones cup of tea but its different from just plain red........

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