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Girlfriend Gets Wet Noodled
Just a quick little prank I pulled on my lady when she passed out watching!...!....
Category:- Funny Video
Justin Bieber Hot KISS
Watch to see who took third place in the Generation-t tee recon contest with how-to make a wrap shirt....

Meeting Shiag
The best day ever!!!.....

Hi-Q Lose You-Official Video
Absolutely perfect? song...returns memories.....

Good-bye Twitter
Mileys reason for deleting twitter...

Hatsune Miku Makeup
Who has turquoise hair, can sing any Japanese songs you like and drives a Toyota Corolla!.....

Hilarious Wedges,Shoes,High Heels, Boots And More
Hot trendy shoes, high heels, boots, knee high boots, wedges and pumps galore! Spankie Valentine from Urban Original shows you some of the Fall Season hottest fashion shoes.....!!

Linea Pelle Handbag Sample Sale
Handbago TV host Kristina Moreno takes you inside an exclusive Linea Pelle sample sale in Los Angeles....

Dream Girl by Atlanta
Dream Girl (Music Video) - Atlanta Dream 2013.......!!

How to do a Spa Pedicure at home - Salon Secrets
Why spend money on a new manicure every few weeks when you can do it yourself. ... For an extra spa feeling to your home pedicure....

Awesome Dice Skills
Awesome Dice Skills!.....

Yoga N Fitness in Small Spaces
Do not have a lot of space for gym equipment? Here all you need for small spaces....!!

Cute Girls Hairstyles
Faux Waterfall Braid Headband is so easy to create, even a daddy can do it!.........

Updated Foundation Routine!
Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder........

How to Dress for a Winter Fashion Internship : Fashion Style Tips
Being fashionable also allows you to think very practically when it comes to how you store the items that you wear and love so much.

Joe Jonas Just In Love Hollywood Pop
He probally is not wearing his ring because he is acting in the music video and he would look like a hypocrite with the girl.!.....

Victoria Secret 2012: Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat
Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat....

Bella N Zendaya In Watch Me
The video stars Bella and Zendaya or rather, CeCe Jones & Rocky Blue who are in a photo session and then run out with a bunch of friends dancing. Both show off their moves while singing!.....

Orange Summer Gold Glitter Makeup Tutorial
This golden orange eye shadow from snobka is a great party look and will be sure to impress your friends......

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