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Bella N Zendaya In Watch Me
The video stars Bella and Zendaya or rather, CeCe Jones & Rocky Blue who are in a photo session and then run out with a bunch of friends dancing. Both show off their moves while singing!.....
Category:- Music Video
5 Seconds of Summer - Try Hard
Try Hard is a song by 5 Seconds of Summer from their debut album 5 Seconds of Summer

Cute Summer Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
This is a great hairstyle for summer. Takes only a few minutes , especially if your natural hair is already wavy or curly.....!!

Thai Yoga Massage - Yoga for Fitness
the benefits of yoga and yoga meditation & demonstrates different yoga positions and poses.A yoga workout can lower stress, improve health, increase mental wellness, give one a more flexible & sexy body.!!.....

Honey I'm Home!!
Check out Amanda.She could be Jennifer Love Hewitts sister or stunt double!!PRRRRRR!...

Hold It Against Me Is Finally Out!
Britney Tweeted how happy she was with the video and that she hoped her fans like it too!....

Have you ever though about making smores from the point of view of a marshmallow?...

Girl tickle by gang
A girl is tickle by 4 girls no mercy...

Dutch Flower Braid Updo Hairstyles
This hairstyle uses the same Dutch braid pancaked technique we used here....!!

Playboy - Preview
It is the early 60s, and the legendary Playboy Club in Chicago is the door to all your fantasies!....

Girly Girl Bedtime Routine
Nicky the Girly girl, shows you her bedtime routine!

Rihanna Inspired Fashion Look Tutorial
This week, Karen must create a look inspired by a style trail blazer!........

Selena Gomez - Come n Get It
Selena Gomez performing Come n Get It during her Stars Dance tour in Los Angeles, CA...

Kelly Osbourne For Material Girl!
Kelly is stepping in for Taylor Momsen who has changed her style too much to be a good fit for Material Girl!....

Kylie Jenner Golden Globes Inspired Makeup Tutorial
Here is an inspired look of Kylies beautiful makeup she was wearing at the Golden Globes this year. I hope you enjoy!.....

Kelly Rowland - Motivation
Music by Kelly Rowland performing Motivation!....

Festive Christmas Makeup Tutorial
Christmas is just around the corner and this video will show you how to achieve a bright sparkly makeup look incorporating the traditional Christmas colours of red.....

HOT Pink Cupcake Nalls
Nail art design cupcake nails!!!!!.....

The Miley Cyrus Look-Alike
she really looks like? miley and she is pretty but miley has better body! i think that miley is hotter and sing better!....

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