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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie: Sexiest People Alive
Courtesy of E!: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie voted as E!'s Top 2 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies.....
Category:- Music Video
Official Video Ed Sheeran - Small Bump
Small Bump Lyrics You are just a small bump unborn in four months you are brought to life You might be left with my hair by Ed Sheeran!!!.....

Eva Mendes The Other Guys Movie Kelly Calabrese
Eva Mendes, The Other Guys Movie, Kelly Calabrese - SYNOPSIS...

Tutorial: Make your own strapless prom dress!
This dress is more advanced than my other tutorials, because making such a long strapless dress with so much fabric is difficult: it is importand that the fabric you use for the draping is LIGHT!..

Knotted Loop Waterfall Braid Hairstyle
Learn how to do this Knotted Waterfall hairstyle on yourself. I think that this is much easier than a waterfall braid so give it a try!.....

Flower Nail Designs
Some girly, floral, nail designs I came up with to share with you guys for my first vid, hope you like ! to see more of me check out!......!!

Romantic Curls Tutorial
This tutorial will show you how to achieve romantic curls.

Amazing Beat Box Girl
She makes other beat boxers look like Nickelback....

Sexy Vanessa Hudgens Smokey Blue-Silver Make-Up
sexy, playboy -ish, make-up with a smoky blue-silvery eye and nude pink mouth....

Jennifer Lopez Cries Over Idol Hopeful
The most? beautiful moment i have ever seen in American Idol

Semifinalists For Tulsa Entrepreneurial Award
Despite the economy, some eager entrepreneurs are ready to take a chance on Tulsa....

Ariana Grande performing-Born This Way
This is me and the boys performing my mash up of Lady Gaga Born This Way and Madonna Express Yourself live!....

My Heart On A Sandwich
With newly-acquired dating tips from the World Wide Web, Walter tests his Don Juan suaveness during lunch.....

Katy Perry-Firework
Official music video for Katy Perry Firework off her album Teenage Dream!...


How to Make a Scarf Out of a T-Shirt
Did not think you could wear those T-shirts in the winter....well think again....

Focus On Designers Diane Von
IFocus On Designers Diane Von 2 and Diane Von Furstenberg seems to? be such an amazing woman? ..!...

March Favorites
Random review for my favorite most used products in March!....

3 Steps to Self Esteem
Everything always looks better in our heads!....

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