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Ace Hood - My Speakers Rick Ross
Ace Hood My Speakers Music Video!!.....
Category:- Music Video
Karmen Pedaru-Rocks The Catwalk
Karmen is so cool? and relaxed... so not girly? and her whole attitude is so likeable!!...

Kim Kardashian at Charmin Restrooms
Kim Kardashian joined the Procter and Gamble Charmin brand, New York residents and a crowd of excited holiday shoppers!...

Rihanna Inspired Fashion Look Tutorial
This week, Karen must create a look inspired by a style trail blazer!........

Love triangles are always complex, especially when they involve a werewolf and a vampire.

Hatsune Miku Makeup
Who has turquoise hair, can sing any Japanese songs you like and drives a Toyota Corolla!.....

Stupid Girls
More funny Stupid Girls!!!.....

Street Style Fashion
Street Style Fashion- 1 Dress 5 Ways.....

The Fishtail Braid
Kristin and Lauren show you how to do a fishtail braid in a few easy steps!!!!

Shauna Sand Changes Bikini In Public
Shauna Sand went bikini shopping with a mystery guy at Ana M on Melrose! ...

Fresh Faces In Fashion
Fresh Faces In Fashion! Miami Beach and that reflect the modern lifestyle, featuring Bikini Girls!...

Kitchen Intruder with AutoTune remix
A knife tries to kill a Nectarine, and Annoying Orange stops it!...

Britney Deleted Scene from Jackass 3
The third part of Jimmy interview with Johnny Knoxville where he plays a deleted scene from Jackass 3 that included Britney Spears!....

Dream Girl by Atlanta
Dream Girl (Music Video) - Atlanta Dream 2013.......!!

New Year 2016!! Resolutions, Organization, and Tips!
The new year is coming up and I wanted to share some resolutions, organization, and tips.....

Colombiana-Movie Trailer
After witnessing her parents murder in Bogota, a young girl grows up to be an assassin!....

How To Get Perfect Hot PINK Lips
How to ge the perfect, hot pink lips (mouth)...with hot pink n red lip liner!!!.....

Emily Osment New Song
It will be called Drift and it is part of the soundtrack from Cyberbully which she stars in.The new song will out on the 12th July, but today we have a little sneak peek for you!....

Easy Halloween Stitched Up Mouth Using Makeup!
Here is a cut and wire stitched mouth using no SFX makeup, where you can open your mouth, talk, eat, etc ........

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