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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
Use our best decorating ideas to trim your tree, decorate your home....
Category:- Christmas Video
Everyday Make Up Routine
A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine, From the Experts......

Jennifer Lopez Cries Over Idol Hopeful
The most? beautiful moment i have ever seen in American Idol

Have you ever though about making smores from the point of view of a marshmallow?...

Outfit of the Day
Outfit of the Day - Peach, Pearls & Destroyed Denim!....

It is a simple story: Emily is a little girl who lives in the city. One day she passes a magic shop. There she comes across a magic rabbit, and convinces the shop owner to give it to her!....

Goobees a war in candyland
a darkly twisted comic film about the inner workings of a vending machine...

Kelli - Gave Up On Love
Official video for Kelli "Gave Up On Love"!!!!!!.....

How To Cleanse Your Skin
Makeup artist Lisa Sim shows? how to clean up its act - its skin cleaning regime.....

Super Star Manicure
This is the perfect manicure for summer, which is classy, flashy and has tons of star appeal.Try it out in red or any other fun color and let us know how it goes!.....

Palm Tree Manicure
You will need light and blue polish, plus yellow polish, a base coat, a top coat, and black polish.When it comes to tools you will need a sponge, a thin-tip brush, and q-tips. You will also need to be patient!....

Tig Ol Bitties
Guys it is a joke, litten up, I dought Ray Grandma is flirting with his friends, Remember Ray does not have a real Facebook!....

Tony Yayo Feat
Behind the scenes on the set of Tony Yayo's new single "Pass The Patron" with 50 Cent.....

Vanessa Comfort Food
Vanessa Hudgens says she turned to food for comfort while shooting Sucker Punch!....

Get Ready With Me - Makeup, Hair, Outfit
Fast hair, makeup and outfit ideas to get ready in 10 minutes.....

Private Valentine Blond n Dangerous
Private Valentine: Blond & Dangerous movie trailer - starring John Billingsley, David Brown, Keiko Agena, Randy Bordelon. Directed by Steve Miner. Genre: Comedy!....

Revenge of the Glee Girls
Are you a Gleek? Fox's hit show, Glee's Dianna Agron and Lea Michelle are best buds on and off screen

How To Get Beachy Waves
This hairstyle is pretty cute!....

How to Make a Fringe Shirt
You will need a shirt, (old and large), sharp scissors, and a ruler. The rest is easy!Check out the video below which gives simple step by step instructions on how to get this hot new look. Let us know hoe your shirts turn out!....

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