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Girl Next Door - Makeup n Hair
Girl Next Door makeup and hair tutorial.....
Category:- Recipe Video
Choose Perfect Wedding Dress
Wedding planning as begun! YAY! Which dress do you like so far!....

Swimsuit Guide Shop for your body shape and Beach accessories
Remember that no matter what body shape you have, you can wear any swimsuit you feel comfortable in!....

Beach Bikini Party
Sax On the Beach- Bikini Party!.....

Skye goes to Florida
Skye enjoys the sun!lol that? bathing suit suits skye lol...

My Winter Makeup Routine for Christmas!
Get Ready With Me: My Winter Makeup Routine for Christmas......

GEORGIA RULE-Movie Trailer
Georgia Rule movie trailer - starring Jane Fonda, Dermot Mulroney, Cary Elwes, Lindsay Lohan, Felicity Huffman, Garrett Hedlund...

Second Breaking Dawn Trailer
Bella wedding and saying good bye to Jacob, the honeymoon, the couple happiness, and then how everything changed once and for all.... In the trailer we see how worried Edward is about Bella, and how grave he knows the situation is....

Lara plays the Dragon Ball
Lara plays the Dragon Ball Z theme cha la la on violin!!.....

Whip My Hair:Behind The Scenes
This video is great because it shows all the work that went into to creating this amazing video!...

Nikki Stanley-Hot Martial Arts Chick
Hot Martial Arts Chick, Nikki Stanley!....

Rihanna Posing for Playboy Declined
Robyn Rihanna better known as Rihanna recently turned down a golden opportunity of posing nude for the cover!...

Hit The Lights Selena Gomez San Jose
Here Selena Gomez rocking out on stage to her single Hit the Lights. This was during a holiday concert in San Jose, California.!!.....

Fresh Spring Look
I know so many people are asking me to create a natural look that is not only fresh but youthful!....

DIWALI SPECIAL! Bollywood Dress Up Tutorial!
Go traditional and ethnic this DIWALI ! Try an indo western ethnic look with a twist or try a Bollywood inspired look from Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor n Priyanka Chopra....

This adorable golden retriever eats in a paculiar way...

Kate Upton Dougies
I think she should probably pay attention? and learn how to attractive though!....

You probably have. She is a lot like Justin Bieber, in that she rose to fame quickly, and is only 17-years-old!

My Go To Glam Makeup
Hourglass Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil - Soft Brunette!.....

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